Lessons from The Masters 2017


Punch shots are very different. If mastered, one can technically play Golf with just three or four irons. Or just one. Like Seve Ballesteros with the now famous 3 Iron or more recently Tiger Woods with the 6 Iron when he was a kid.

Since one now has fourteen clubs, all fine tuned to ones swing, style, game, course etc., one does not need to waste time and energy practicing a  shot that is rarely a needed skill.

Which is when, this happens:

Justin Rose started to have issues on the back 9 on Sunday at Augusta with tee shots to the right. It all unraveled at the first hole of the playoff. A drive into the trees. A lucky bounce once again! Into the pine straw. Not too bad of a lie. But, there was one of those magnificant magnolia with its majestic hanging branches. No angle to hit it over the tree to the green. Leaving the only option? A punch shot!

I was surprised to see Justin Rose not take his time to figure out the club to use and shot to play. After walking over to the green and back, he just pulled out a long iron, took a quick stance and hit it. The ball just scampered over to the fairway. Nowhere near the green.

Perhaps it was the pressure of the moment. Or he just didn’t know how to hit that shot. I think it was the latter.


The first two rounds. Bad weather. Rain. Wind. Needed low flighted punch shots for almost all shots to stay on the fairways and even the greens. Damp putting surfaces can hold even without that high shot even at Augusta. Can’t hold if it doesn’t land the green due to wind!

Which is why Charley Hoffman did well the first two rounds (-6). His natural stroke is a punch shot. Justin Rose was -1 after the first two rounds.

Of’course there no way for anyone to prepare for all possible situations is Golf. Which is why it is hard. Unpredictable. Cruel.

As is Business…

Sergio Garcia played conservatively all rounds close to 70. Great strategy given the weather and Augusta. That lucky eagle on 15 on Sunday was the clincher. He even got lucky after that pulled Tee shot on the 11th.

As they say, luck favors those with Grit. Hallmark of successful Golfers and businesses.

Lot goes into that Grit. People, Process, Systems, Markets.

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When does any business need a Phil Mickelson?

When does any business need a Phil Mickelson?

Answer: All the time.

No not the actual golfer Phil Mickelson in person.

But, the strategy and capability.

What? Why?

Scrambling. 3rd round of the 2017 WGC-Mexico Championship.

Everything went wrong off the Tee at almost every hole!

Only 4 fairways hit.

Only 8 Greens in Regulation.

Lost ball.

Got lucky breaks.

Pulled the proverbial cat out of the bag to save the day.

The Wedges.

To score a 68 (-3)? Should have been 10 over!!

How? First the Who? Phil. Now how?

The Wedges!

Tactical aspects of execution via People & Processes.

The strategy will go wrong most of the time off the Tee.

What gets an initiative on the track is the short game.

The Wedges…

In Golf and Business is it about The Process?

We have all heard it many times. From Golf and Business professionals. It is The Process!

What exactly does that mean?

Is it the preparation? Equipment? Temperament? Swing?

What about Strategy? Execution? Shot selection?

The answer of course is all of it. It is The Process!

This blog will be mostly focussed on Golf and Business analogies.

The parallels are uncanny as you shall see….